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ÜB Services

Lets us take care of your Adventuer Vehicle. 

Wether you are looking for a full Custom Conversion or  designing, adding/installing new components to your van

 we are here to help you. 



Lets us take care of your custom build.

We custom design all components and floor plans to build your dream adventure vehicle.

 Pit Stop/Parts

Bring your Van over!

We conduct detail installation processes on any components/parts available in the market to the exterior or the interior of your adventure vehicle.


We Design and develop any custom component or part you need. Sky is the limit!

There is only one way to make your Van unique.

Contact us.

Solar Power Energy Systems

We design and build the best Solar Energy System for your needs. Starting from the Roof Panels  all the way to the electrical lay out, lighting, amenities, completing all the power you need for your Van

Fans/Vents/ AC units

Need Air?!

 Bring your Van over 

Same day Install.

Flares/ FlareSpace

Sleep sideways or create more storage space by adding Flares to your Van. This is the best way to make your adventure van more comfortable


Need Natural Light? 

Chose from a number of different size windows and panels to complement  your Lifestyle.

Roof Rack-Ladder

We'll help you choose the best Roof rack and Ladder that fits your Lifestyle. We'll have it installed and ready for you in no time! 

You can chose from a number of different setups.

Tire Carriers-Bumpers

Through our Partnership with OWL Vans Engineering we offer a full range of components varying from Bumpers, Hitches, Wiches, Tire Carriers and more.

Electrical Systems

Using only the Best components  We will design and build the best Electrical System for your van needs. Starting with Lithium Ion Batteries to the Full blue-tooth control system we'll have you covered

Water Systems

Do you need help with your plumbing?

Do you you have leaks?

Come on over,  We will detect your problem and fix it in no time!

Diesel Heater-ESPAR

Dont Stay cold inside your Van.

The Espar Diesel Heater is the perfect solution for those winter days keeping your van at a cozy temperature all the time.

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